First Place Award for the Interior Design Elements of the Holocaust Memorial Center for the Jews of Macedonia.

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Edward Jacobs, Principal of The Berenbaum Group wins first place award for the interior design elements of the Holocaust Memorial Center for the Jews of Macedonia.

The contest is part of the Macedonian Biennial of Architecture. It is organized every two years by the Association of the Architects of Macedonia- the professional body of architects in Macedonia. A seven member jury reviews and awards the prizes.

The prize was given for the realization of interior design especially for the evocative commemoration area and the memorial sculpture that traverses the entire height of the museum. The jury reviewed the submission and visited the site as well. In their report, the jury wrote: “This realization for interior architecture clearly distinguishes itself by its appearance through two key characteristics: a powerful semantic experience that is to be remembered and a defining a spatial wholeness and clearness as a major element that is crucial for permanent exhibitions".

Sharing in this award with Mr. Jacobs and the Berenbaum Group is Macedonian architect Jovan Ivanovski.



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