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Current Projects

Holocaust Memorial Center for the Jews of Macedonia

Formulation of museum narrative with Prof. Berenbaum. Complete exhibition design, including architectural reorganization of facility and installation of building memorial and commemoration area.

Award: First Place Award for the Interior Design Elements of the Museum, awarded as part of the Macedonian Biennial of Architecture 2012

Israel: It’s All About the People

American Jewish University is establishing a permanent exhibition focusing on the History of the Modern State of Israel. The exhibition experience will service not only university students and casual visitors, but also serve as a venue for the greater community. Students of all ages will engage with a positive and stimulating exhibition on the Modern State of Israel, and most importantly, its people, who have brought about this modern miracle. Edward Jacobs of The Berenbaum Group was the principle in charge of exhibition concept design and project realization.

Past Projects

Memoria y Tolerancia - The creation of a programmatic and conceptual framework for Prof. Michael Berenbaum who was conceptual consultant for Memoria y Tolerancia in Mexico City. Mr. Jacobs created an innovative and groundbreaking approach for presentment and conceptual connection between Shoah/Genocide/Tolerance issues for Prof. Berenbaum in his work with the museum.

Yad Vashem - Special assistant to the Director of Pedagogy, Shulamit Imber. In this capacity, Mr. Jacobs provided conceptual and creative consultancy in areas of educational programming, teacher training, and outreach, for the world’s most important memorial to the Holocaust.

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