Berenbaum Jacobs Associates

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Berenbaum Jacobs Associates (BJA) was established by Dr. Michael Berenbaum and Edward Jacobs following successful collaboration on a variety of projects. The firm was conceived in order to provide a comprehensive and integrated solution for designing Museums, Special Exhibitions, Memorials and Educational Centers.

BJA has garnered demonstrable expertise in all areas of concept articulation, planning, design, media production and fabrication. As educators and designers, BJA sees the Museum experience as a unique educational opportunity to engage, broaden and deepen the visitor’s perspective through powerfully immersive experiences. The fields that BJA specializes in are narrative historical, sociological and Identity Museums which contend with some of the most difficult and controversial subject matter facing humanity today. These fields include Human Rights, Genocide, Tolerance, Ethnic Heritage as well as Historic and Identity narratives.

BJA has been involved in consultation, design and fabrication of numerous Museums and Memorials and is currently working on various large scale projects in the US and in Europe. Given its long and diverse experience, BJA knows how to work with the Museum’s professional staff, associated scholars and curators as well as board and campaign leadership to conceptualize and implement a project and ensure its intellectual rigor.

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