Poems Born in Bergen-Belsen

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Menachem Rosensaft is general counsel for the World Jewish Congress. But he is a poet by night, whose fierce writing wrestles with the darkness again and again.

In honor of the 76th Anniversary of liberation: April 15, 1945.


Theodor Adorno famously wrote, “To write poetry after Auschwitz is barbaric.” And yet, poetry has been written, even Nobel Prize-winning poetry (by Nelly Sachs), and poetry must be written if words are to be used to grapple with the unique evil that was Auschwitz.

But Adorno was right in some respects. The task of using language — concise language, precise language, intense language, suggestive language, allegorical language — to confront the abyss must not be undertaken lightly. It requires skill, understanding, empathy. The journey into barbarism can indeed become barbaric, yet it need not be.

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