Memoria y Tolerancia

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Michael Berenbaum was a consultant in the conceptual development of the Museum, which transitions from the Holocaust to post-Holocaust genocides and the need for tolerance education.

A Brief Description of the Project:

In 1999 , Memory and Tolerance A.C. emerges as a nonprofit association , in order to convey tolerance through historical memory. Showing the greatest examples of intolerance that has come to humans, such as genocides , we understand the value of tolerance and diversity.

Since its inception, projected a Memory and Tolerance Museum and Educational Center in Mexico City , thinking that the best tool to raise awareness is through learning and education.

Memory and Tolerance is our Mexico as a country of freedom, unparalleled wealth , people warm and inclusive , who faces daily challenges that only a conscious and engaged society can be overcome. However, much remains to be done to raise awareness, because of indifference and intolerance continue to affect our society. To this end , this initiative aims to encourage Mexican society reflect on our role and responsibility in the events of our environment.


Teaching and spread in the Mexican society the importance of tolerance and diversity. Create awareness through historical memory and meaning of the Holocaust and other genocides. Warning visitors about the dangers of hatred, discrimination and indifference, to create awareness, respect and responsibility in each individual.


  • Warn visitors about the scope and consequences of hatred, discrimination and intolerance.
  • Promoting values of tolerance and respect.
  • To encourage new generations to find a human life more healthy and engaged with their environment.
  • Confronting the visitor to create an insight and a change of attitude.
  • Encourage reflection that leads to social action.
  • To educate and create awareness of commitment to the needs of the most vulnerable.
  • To reinterpret the meaning of tolerance and its connotation.


The message is intended for all audiences , but we are focused primarily Mexican youth, who are the future of our country. A new place for young people where you can find a space for dialogue , reflection and action

Social Impact

This project opens in our country the chance to meet and deepen these themes to create and raise awareness of those who remain apathetic or outside the knowledge and practice of tolerance. The creation of a Museum and Educational Center of a social nature , no doubt has an immense potential to be a great stimulus for change.


The Museum is located in the Historic Center of Mexico City at the Plaza Juarez Avenida Juarez, a masterpiece of renowned architect Legorreta, and shares the space of the plaza with the new Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Family Courts.

Cultural Center

The museum has permanent exhibits in addition to its library, media library, an area for temporary exhibitions, auditorium and educational center that will teach courses, diploma courses, round tables and debates, and training for educators and teachers on issues related to the institution.

The museum is divided into two major sections : Memory and Tolerance.


It shows the subject of historical memory of the genocide.

  • Holocaust
  • Former Yugoslavia ( Srebrenica)
  • Rwanda

Additionally there are any other cases of genocide and crimes against humanity as well as a current case is considered " genocide warning . "

  • Guatemala
  • Cambodia
  • Darfur

The Holocaust began its tour of the section of memory because of its particularity and educational message . The case of the Armenian slaughter as history shows , taken by Rafael Lemkin , to coin the term "genocide." The cases of Cambodia, Rwanda, Guatemala and the former Yugoslavia ( Srebrenica) are dictated by different institutions, local and international, such as genocide or are in process of being developed . Finally Darfur is displayed as it occurs today and is recognized as a " Genocide Warning " by several international bodies.


In this exhibition introduces the visitor to this subject , starting from everyday life to public issues. This section includes a tour of 20 rooms deeply developed by experts in the field and designed in a didactic manner for the student to reflect on each of the topics.

  • The Road to Tolerance: Mural art to be conducted by the renowned artist Rafael Cauduro.
  • The other and I : Through the question "Who am I? Make the visitor think about their identity and the role of otherness in it.
  • Stereotyping and prejudice: In this space the visitor to confront their prejudices.
  • The dialogue : In this space are taught the importance of dialogue, showcasing some of the great dialogues of history that have achieved peace and understanding.
  • The power of words : It will show the implications of our words.
  • Walking to tolerance: This site allows visitors to recapitulate his experience on the course to build tolerance.
  • Discrimination , hatred and violence: Area high thematic content and artistic, which condemns discrimination and shows how this can lead us to the next steps of intolerance.
  • Tolerance: It is an artistic space in which we illustrate the significance and importance of tolerance.
  • The power of the media (Radio , Newspapers , Advertising, TV, Film , Internet and video games ): The visitor will understand the need for critical awareness to the media.
  • Human Rights : Shown are the rights that we all human beings in a creative and interactive.
  • The richness of diversity: It exhibit the different contributions that different cultures have given to humanity.
  • Working for humanity: There are institutions and governmental and nongovernmental agencies , which have been created to prevent these crimes against humanity , how far have come ? Their efforts are important but not sufficient , it is important to get involved , not just task , the task of all .
  • Our world : A large mural of maps which displays the progress on Human Rights around the globe .
  • Intolerable realities : The visitor will be informed and aware of some realities that are intolerable for violating basic human rights . Including social exclusion , child pornography, child labor mines and , among other topics.
  • News: This area consists of slates which exhibit the most important current news on topics related to the museum.
  • Our Mexico: One of the major concert halls and moving is that of our Mexico. It aims to encourage the visitor recognizes and values the diversity that characterizes our Mexico At the same time is also important to recognize the importance of tolerance and social inclusion of groups that face discrimination and marginalization. Finishing with a sample of the violations of human rights in our country.
  • Forum Your Responsibility: Submit to visitors daily life circumstances in which they commit acts of discrimination and irresponsibility. This attempt to create awareness that every day we can fall into irresponsible and discriminatory attitudes.
  • Lessons for Humanity: Count struggles and efforts of society to achieve civil rights, women's rights movements of non-violence , religious tolerance and altruism.
  • Commitment or indifference : This is the last room of the museum tour , seeks to transcend traditional boundaries of a museum to become a platform to promote responsibility and commitment that we as human beings. We are working on an ambitious project that aims to promote helping others through projects targeting the most vulnerable in our society, whilst encouraging young people aware and responsible.
  • Choose your attitude : Raise awareness in the visitor about every attitude we take represents a consequence. This room makes a final reflection on the course and teaches the importance of making responsible and conscientious attitude in any situation.

Area for children under 12 years : This space occupies an entire floor of the museum. This space has workshops for children , where through games , stories and dynamic , they transmit the value of tolerance , respect and diversity. It is never too early to begin an education in tolerance.


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