Professor of Jewish Studies claims the Allies should have bombed Auschwitz …

… to prevent further massacres because 'protest in the wake of genocide is much better than nothing'

There were various attempts by Allied commanders and politicians to bring the plan to fruition throughout the war, but it was ultimately rejected on the grounds that British planes would not be able accurately bomb the gas chambers and railway lines.

Winston Churchill initially supported the idea, but later agreed that a precision strike had a high chance of failure, and also objected to the high death toll of innocent prisoners.

However, Professor Berenbaum said: ‘All the excuses for not bombing Auschwitz omit the most compelling reason for not bombing Auschwitz. It would have been recognition of what was happening there was totally evil and unacceptable to the world itself.'

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At Auschwitz, Yet Still Holding On To Their Faith

By Michael Berenbaum

Courtesy of Henri Lustige...

A special exhibition entitled “Through the Lens of Faith” opened just outside the gates of Auschwitz on Monday, July 1. A joint creation of Henri Lustiger-Thaler, architect/designer Daniel Libeskind, and photographer Caryl Englander, the exhibition portrays 21 survivors of Auschwitz: 18 Jews, two Roman Catholics and one Roma. They entered the gates of Auschwitz and emerged, some immediately and some after a considerable length of time, with their faith intact, perhaps even strengthened. Now in their late 80s and 90s, their story and their portraits are at the entrance to Auschwitz and will remain there for the next 18 months.